by Rebecca Noelle

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released March 21, 2020


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Rebecca Noelle Ottawa, Ontario

Rebecca Noelle is a musical creator. With a foundation in jazz, Rebecca's sound has evolved from soul to electronic, grazing everything in between. Rebecca currently collaborates with pop-art troupe The PepTides, big-band The Commotions, and composes/produces in her electronic duo The Stellasonic. After finishing 2nd on The Voice: Canada, Rebecca is honing her skills as a bilingual songwriter. ... more

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Track Name: Love Burnin' Out
You've become the write-off, laying busted on the floor
Hurt to much to figure out, who you were sent here for
you have always been, the type to carry on in-stride
as you try to choke the spark, still blistering inside
As illusions linger in your mind, of a time were you were complete
You're so weak, you can't stand up, still desperate to repeat
That's your love burning out
extinguishing the glow
exhausting all the fuel
that has nowhere left to go
exploit the ammunition
combustable or not
make a resolution
to redeem the love you've got
Losing hold of all you know is what you need to move
closer to what's good for you, no one to disapprove
nothing to repair, you've got so much to defend
how could you have known that either way, it all would end
Track Name: Tired Of Losing
Go pick out your favourite
and don't you think of looking at the cost
Cause it's me, you'll lean upon when hopefulness is lost
Sleeping in each morning
and never worry where the day has gone
I believe, you never sleep, you're working till the dawn
well I'm tired of losing (love)
I'm tired of taking (love)
I'm tired of making (love)
now come on, aren't you tired of saving (love)
you're gonna make it, (love)
while I'm busy breaking
My back to watch you win the battle
You can take the handouts
and don't repay them till the time is right
from the back row, cheer me on till I give up the fight
trust me not to question
if you would ever do the same for me
watch me give it all away for you and I to be
Fame, is it really, the game,
do you truly believe, I won't make it, or hope I won't chase it all
give up all this climbing, just to place blame on the timing,
until I lose my desire to try? So say goodbye.
Track Name: Pleasure Trip
I’ve had enough anticipation
I’m not one to celebrate
A miracle before it happens
To ride a wave before it breaks
Don’t build me up with false conclusions
And promises that you won’t keep
You won’t give up till you’re offset
And the benefits are your to reap
Hey master manipulator
Have you got your fake smile on?
You’re too busy counting dollars
To know what was agreed upon;
Hey mister manipulator
Who taught you to double dip (triple dip)
Better find a tab to charge
To steal another pleasure trip
Your smooth-talking candy coating
Almost had me fooled
Until every wish I had for me
Was somehow overruled
Your time is more important
Than anyone you know
You overlook the details
But collect at every show
Lead the way
Give me something
Something I
Can hold you to;
Had no choice
but to trust you
anything you say I do
Lead the way
give me something
something I
can hold on to
I had stars
in my eyes then,
I put all my faith in you
Track Name: Come Of Age
Kick off these shoes
loosen this braid
rocks hit the glass
as the melodies fade
draw me a bath
silence my mind
wipe off my eyes
as the ringing subsides
I will not be looking for the ending
probably just a place to rest my feet
an island in the sea that I've created
Not even sure if I can take the heat
It's time, yeah I got this
I'm not looking for a place to hide behind
the light, shining on an open stage
cause I, want it more and
I got the walk, the talk just right
and now - is the time to come of age
funny the years
seem to fly by
with all those old words
ingrained in my mind
show me the hours
tempt me with pay
put me to work
or just let me play
Track Name: Go With You
I've arrived in a place I've never been
the wind blows through the vines
just like it did at home
and then I take a breath
to speak my name out loud
to ask for some direction
but no one hears a sound
And you ask, why I do this to myself
why I simply can't be happy
in a land I know about
well, have you seen
a pathway lined with leaves
strange leaves that must have fallen
from a different type of tree
you just gotta come with me
don't you wanna take the leap
and see it all, see it all come true
baby, it'll set you free
you've just gotta follow me
I wanna go, and see it all with you
Counting days, till my feet are off the ground
cause I know that I'll be happy
even if you're not around
to take the leap
not knowing where I'll land
you could make a good thing better
let me take you by the hand
but your ropes
have tied you down in place
so I'll spend my next adventure
with a daydream of your face
and mark the map
with only you in mind
start a list of where I'll take you
the day you leave it all behind
Track Name: Love Aside
I mean it, cause I don't know where you've been
believe it, can't keep coming back again
people ask me, if I've given up this time
cause there's no way I could leave it all behind
you put your pen upon the paper to pass the time
while I've been fighting tooth and nail just to play the role
that I was never worthy of
But now
It's time or me to try
to put this love aside
oh the more I realise
that you, would never leave it all for me
I mean it, go ahead and take a bow
believe it, just don't think about you now
people ask me, if I'd do it all again
well I know you've gotta toughen up your skin
I did by entering a match that I'd never win
while I've been fighting tooth and nail just to play the role
that I was never worthy of
Track Name: What You Got
You've got no time for that morning glow
as the faintest shadows hit the show
the deafening silence that fills the air
that at this hour, exists everywhere
its seems like no matter where I go
I can savour the hour the wind don't blow
the trees stand still, the air is sill wet
it's 6:01, I'm not ready yet
cause when you're gone, no one will care
if you did or didn't, get your share
if all the things that you acquired
topped the lists of most-desired
and if your time was worth as much
as those you pass and those you touch
if you were loved, if you were not
and if what you gave, was what you got
I want to stop this spinning ball
for just a moment so we can all
forget about what we laid out
as the only thing to care about
the passing time, the tasks undone
stressed about a setting sun
a deadline met, a ladder climbed
and everything you'll leave behind
status only lasts so long
it has no use after you're gone
If you were loved, if you were not
if what you gave was what you got
Track Name: If You Can't Love Me Forever
I know you love her
you have for some time
and she holds a part of you
that is no longer mine
and I know it's too late
to change your mind
I just came by for something
to remember you by
if you can't love me forever
love me right now
light this old flame, one more time
before you put it out
if you'll just let me in
I'll let myself out
if you can't love me forever
then love me right now
this is the last time
I'll tell you goodbye
and I'll ask no more of you
after tonight
so once more for the old times
would you hold me close
lets make this last moment
go by real slow
Track Name: Love Elevator
No matter how you look
we're going nowhere fast
'round 'n' 'round in circles
too far from our past
somethin's changed you babe
to make me feel divided
for you there ain't no two way street
seems our loves one sided
looks like we've played our hand
I guess the thrill is over
you got me doing loops
just like a roller coaster
every time I think we're done
gettin' back together
boy, you're so unpredictable
love ain't like the weather
Ya gotta make your mind
boy, don't waste my time
I'm ridin' with you in a love elevator
you're always up and down
I want to touch the ground
please somebody help me and call the operator
one day you love me back
the next your bags are packed
I'm just the fool played by a player
you're sittin' on the fence
too scared to take a chance
please somebody get me off this love elevator

You're always hot and cold
I'm always in the wrong
I feel like you're just with me babe
till someone better comes along
you reach for my hand
then head for the door
I hope you find out in the end
what you're looking for
I hear people talkin'
when I turn my back
the way you sometimes treat me babe
is how you treat a welcome mat
no matter what you do
I always take the fall
I need an intervention now
the writings on the wall
Baby why can’t you see
what you’re putting me through
your evil ways and your diva phase
ain’t something I wish wish to pursue
(hit the road) (don’t turn back) I don’t care if you drown in your tears
Next time you wanna take that ride
forget it, I’ll take the stairs

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